Saints Row graphics settings are pretty terrible on Xbox Series S

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Ahead of the launch of Saints Row, Digital Foundry has published a technical review of the upcoming open world crime and shenanigans game and has found it to be significantly lacking, particularly in the Xbox Series S graphics department.

Developer Volition took out any performance options for the Series S version of Saints Row and opted to just set it at the one basic mode to play on. While console games understandably have limited graphical customization, what makes this notable is that the Xbox Series X version has not just one or two options to choose from, but FIVE different graphical settings to choose from. 

These settings range from a full 4K resolution mode, two 1440p graphical or performance options and 1080p graphical or performance options. But for some reason, the Xbox Series S version of the game has zero option to customize any graphical settings. Series S players must contend with just a 1080p resolution with an unlocked frame rate that fluctuates a lot during gameplay. 

Saints Row graphics
Screenshot from an early part of the game

Typically, graphical presets help folks who just want to play the game. But with Digital Foundry’s video, it showed that the game was in dire need of adjustable settings to help tailor the player’s experience towards one they would enjoy. There isn’t even a frame rate cap setting available to help some of the modes run smoother unfortunately and it looks the worst on the Xbox Series S version.

It’s safe to say that Volition dropped the ball on customizability for Saints Row graphics settings for the game on consoles, but hopefully there’s still some time to work on it post launch to help those dedicated fans looking forward to the reboot. 

That being said, I’m still looking forward to the game myself. Volition’s Saints Row series has gotten this far because it offers something definitely different from other open world city based crime shooters. And if the game is fun enough, the graphics issues won’t matter as much. 

Saints Row launches later today on most major platforms, including Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S via the Microsoft Store.