Sable gets a photo mode in latest update

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The latest update to scifi coming of age tale Sable delivers a long-awaited photo mode to the open world exploration game. Sable’s Moebius-inspired desert landscapes are sheer eye-candy, and the lack of a photo mode to share the stark badlands and sand seas of the Midden was an unfortunate omission at launch, and one that’s finally rectified with the latest feature update.

Players will have to enable photo mode from the settings menu of Sable, and once turned on, you can take all the snaps you want by hitting the Up arrow on the d-pad, or X on the keyboard. Shedworks‘ Creative Director Gregorios Kythreotis showed off the photo mode in a short Twitter video to introduce the patch, with the full patch notes up on Steam. It seems we can expect a photo mode competition in the near future as well!

Sable photo mode

In addition to the photo mode update, the latest patch also includes tweaks to the chase cam to help reduce motion sickness when zipping around on your speeder Simoon, improvements to the summoning mechanic, text size accessibility options, tweaks to the navigator tool, an antialiasing option, and back end engine tweaks and performance upgrades.

I really enjoyed my time with Sable’s thoughtful coming of age tale and open-ended exploration. In my review, I wrote of the game, “Sable is an easy recommendation for fans of art games and open world fans looking for a serene, meditative experience. […] if you’re the type to look for and find fun wherever it comes to you, then you’ll enjoy you time amidst the sand seas of Midden.”

Even with some technical issues, it’s an easy recommend for fans of exploration-based gaming. Since then, the Shedworks team has been working in technical improvements and quality of life upgrades like keybinding, localizations, and now, photo mode.

Sable is available on The Microsoft Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, as well as PC and is also part of Game Pass for all those platforms.