Redfall gets a new trailer to tide us over until next year’s release

Redfall got a new trailer last night and it highlights some of the key features as well as the setting of the upcoming co-op shooter by Arkane Studios.

Arkane is well known for Prey and the Dishonored series. Fans can expect Redfall to be a story-driven experience with an open-world FPS shooter gameplay where players can group up and go through the game squad style in a four player co-op setting or go at it solo like some badass Van Helsing.

The trailer also lets us get a better look at what the setting is like. “Redfall used to look like it was straight out of a postcard,” narrated in the trailer. Now this island town is ravaged by vampires and other hostile combatants. Our heroes have to do whatever it takes to survive, but luckily each one of the members has some tricks up their sleeves too.

Redfall new trailer
Redfall’s Heroes?

From left to right, first up is Jacob Boyer, an ex-military sharpshooter who’s part of an elite private security force that was sent to Redfall, bad things happen to his platoon and he’s forced to go rogue. Jacob can summon up a spectral sniper rifle that can take out enemies from a distance with ease. Jacob Boyer is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal.

Next we have Layla Ellison, a biomedical engineering intern who studied at the Redfall Technical University. She interned for an ominous research facility called Aevum Therapeutics, but got caught in an accident. After she woke up, the last thing she remembers is having a killer headache and some wild telekinetic powers. Layla Ellison is voiced by Noveen Crumbie.

Rami De La Rosa who plays the combat engineer. She used to work as part of an elite navy rescue unit sent to investigate Redfall but is now stranded in Redfall with the entire crew lost. She fights with the help of her robot cohort and is determined to help rescue Redfall’s survivors and eliminate any threat that stands in her way. Rami De La Rosa is voiced by Adriana Colón.

Lastly, we have Devinder Crousley is an internet-famous paranormal investigator, amateur cryptozoologist and aspiring inventor. During a book tour that landed him in Redfall, his streak of seemingly bad luck took a turn for the worse as all his years of struggling to create cutting-edge tech to hunt paranormal phenomena suddenly started working to an impressive degree. Now that monsters are real and his inventions work, he puts them to good use fighting vampires and documenting his experience along the way. If gets out of this alive, he’ll have all the validation he needs. Devinder Crousley is voiced by Kamal Khan.

Gameplay Reveal

The game will feature character skill customization and weapon loadout customizations as well. But how did the vampires even get this absurd you might ask? Well, they’ve somehow blocked off the sun with some mysterious magic and now Redfall’s being overrun. Redfall, Massachusetts is going to need a lot of help to recover from this or else it risks getting bled dry by the vampire population.

Redfall is slated for release in the first half of 2023 for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and will launch day one on Game Pass.