At long last, Redfall gets gameplay footage reveal at Xbox and Bethesda Showcase

Xbox Bethesda Showcase

Xbox and Bethesda Showcase opened with our first look at gameplay from Redfall, the eagerly anticipated co-op horror shooter from Arkane Austin.

The game takes place in the eponymous Redfall, a sleepy town in Massachusetts with a picture perfect vibe… that is until chaos broke out and turned it into a place infested with vampires and uh, cultists who want to become vampires. The trailer introduces us to Jacob, a sharp-eyed sniper, Devinder, a sarcastic cryptozoologist and Layla the twitchy telekinetic.

The footage of Redfall presented was of actual gameplay, something fans have been longing to see ever since the game was announced last year. It’s filled with mind-bending supernatural powers and crazy monsters, and certainly a different kind of game from the people that worked on Dishonored and Deathloop.

Redfall was originally slated for release in late 2022, but was delayed. It is now slated for Xbox Series X|S and PC but we still don’t have a more exact window than 2023.

More information as we get it.