Ravenswatch is a co-op action game from the Curse of the Dead Gods devs

Revealed as part of Nacon Connect, Ravenswatch is an isometric roguelike co-op action game from Passtech Games, the studio behind Curse of the Dead Gods. The stream for Nacon Connect was held earlier this week, which delivered information on several upcoming games from the French publisher.

Ravenswatch combines real-time combat with in-depth gameplay and high replay value. The game can be played solo or up to four players in co-op. Passtech Games takes what they’ve learned from Curse of the Dead Gods and applies it to a multiplayer experience and we can’t wait to try it out.

As per the story blurb, it’s your job to defeat the Nightmares spreading within “Reverie” that corrupt everything in their path. With each unique hero, inspired by folk tales and legends, you must hone your skills and abilities to find the strength that will enable you to defeat the creatures of Nightmare.

The heroes we’ve gotten a look at, so far as the trailer implies, are Scarlet the Red Hood, The Pied Piper, Beowulf and The Snow Queen. Each character will play differently with each having their own gimmick, Scarlet shown to use ballistic firearms as well as lycanthropy, The Pied Piper with rats and song, Beowulf with blade and dragon and the Snow Queen with her frost spells.


The world of Reverie is built on old folk tales and legends that puts a dark-fantasy style in the world. As such, the timeless appeal of these folk tale characters bring an interesting atmosphere to Ravenswatch.

Ravenswatch will challenge you to defeat Nightmares through careful build crafting, focus and teamplay. Improve your hero through battles until you’re ready to fight the boss… or when you no longer have a choice. Each run lets you explore a randomly generated map with new activities and enemies so you can make the most of the upgrades you find, or even try out different heroes to keep things interesting.

Ravenswatch will be available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, but an early access version of the game is scheduled for 2023 on Steam.