Rainbow Six Siege will introduce crossplay and cross-progression in next update

Ubisoft has just revealed Operation Solar Raid, the next update for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, which will introduce a new operator, new map and the most exciting addition, crossplay and cross-progression.

Operation Solar Raid is going to be a pretty big update for year 7 of Rainbow Six Siege, so we’ve highlighted some of the biggest news for you if you can’t find the time to sit down and watch a 30 minute video.

New Operator – Solis (03:18)

Solis, of the Ghosteyes squad, joins Siege as a new Operator for the Defenders. She utilizes her unique Spec-IO Electro Sensor goggles, an electronics-detecting gadget capable of scouting out and finding hostile drones, mines or breaching charges with ease and relaying that information to her team for easy disarmament. 

Rainbow Six Siege crossplay
Solis with her Spec-IO Electro Sensor

Primarily a support character, Solis gathers Intel for her team and is kitted out for disabling active emplacements that would have otherwise taken her team by surprise. Her primary weapons are the P90, a popular submachine gun that carries 50 rounds, or the ITA12L, a powerful 12-gauge shotgun with a 22” barrel. While Solis isn’t particularly good in a firefight, she more than makes up for it with her utility and intel. 

New Map – Nighthaven Labs (09:46)

Operation Solar Raid launches with the release of a new map called Nighthaven Labs. This new Singaporean location is set up in a coastline of an island with the building proper next to the shore. It’s a base owned by the Nighthaven PMC, and has a futuristic corporate aesthetic.

Rainbow Six Siege crossplay
The Nighthaven Labs

Operators looking forward to playing the new map can rest easy knowing that it can’t be banned for the rest of the season when released so players have a higher chance of getting into the new map when playing. 

Crossplay & Cross-progression (12:25

Crossplay & cross-progression will be available in Rainbow Six Siege once the new update is released. At last, PlayStation and Xbox players can play together through crossplay. However, PC and Cloud players are paired separately with one another and won’t be able to play with console players on release but additional plans may manifest down the line.

Other than those mentioned above, players can expect quite a number of updates to be included once the new update is released. Some of which are, the following:

15:40 Player Behavior & Anti-Cheat

  • New anti-cheat measures to make sure games remain fair and cheaters are punished
  • A reputation system that runs in the background to allow others and yourself to see each player’s rating.

19:42 Ranked 2.0

  • A competitive revamp that makes it easier for players to group up with friends with different ranks and skill levels.

21:56 New Battle Pass Progression System

  • A new, non-linear, Battle Pass overhaul that features branching paths and allows players to plan out their desired route for the rewards they want the most.

24:41 Balancing

  • The new ADS Movement Speed update allows all players to move at the same speed while aiming down sights regardless of the Operator’s speed rating.
  • Some Operators’ stats have been adjusted to make up the changes to the ADS Movement Speed update. 

26:18 Quality of Life

  • Friendly Fire will be disabled during Prep Phase
  • Gadgets can now be toggled without actually equipping the gadget to allow a more fluid playstyle. 
  • Bomb Objective marker clarity, markers will now actively show if defusers are held or otherwise when moving up to the objective.

30:07 Shooting Range Update

  • A shooting record has been added to the shooting range to help keep track of their loadouts and shot patterns each one you own. 

31:11 Accessibility

  • Team colors on gadgets can now be changed for clarity’s sake. This change should help color blind players distinguish gadgets from friendly to hostile ones. 
  • Advanced controller settings will be added. This should allow players to edit dead zones, sensitivity and such help make aiming with your controller feel more precise.

34:15 Iana Elite Set

  • A Nier Automata collaboration set that sees Operator Iana don 2B’s attire. 

Operation Solar Raid and all its associated updates including crossplay will be released for Tom Clancy‘s Rainbow Six Siege on the 6th of December, 2022; with the season test server releasing this week for those interested in looking into what they can expect to come once the update goes live.