Rainbow Six Extraction has a new vid, is coming to Game Pass

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There’s only two weeks left until Rainbow Six Extraction launches on consoles and Xbox Game Pass. Ubisoft is cranking up the promo with videos and info about the coop shooter that takes the characters from Rainbow Six Siege and puts them up against weird parasite things.

In a video released by Ubisoft over the holidays, we get a good look at the “Archæans” and get some lore about some zombie-like parasite infested creatures, as the director of REACT R&D, Dr. Elena “Mira” Alvarez records a series of audio logs.

The audio logs start with Dr. Alvarez stating the Chimera Parasite has resurfaced. This weird incursion might be recognized by players of Rainbow Six Siege from the Outbreak and Containment limited events. But this time, the Rainbow Six organization has a dedicated unit to face this threat. REACT, the Rainbow Exogenous Analysis & Containment Team tasked with operating within Archæan infested zones.

Throughout your excursions into these infected areas, you’ll first encounter some form of biofilm, The Sprawl. Dr. Alvarez calls it the key to the parasite activity. It looks like the Zerg’s Creep from Blizzard’s StarCraft series and probably acts the same way too.

So far REACT has recorded 12 Archæan types and various mutations, field operatives have given them names too. There is the Lurker, an Archæan capable of cloaking itself as well as other Archæans close to it, and the Apex, an Archæan with the ability to summon lesser creatures from the Sprawl.

Rainbow Six Extraction Game Pass

The last audio log has shown Dr. Alvarez is deeply concerned about the recent findings. They thought they were ahead of the parasite, but they were wrong. The trailer ends with Sledge looking at an unsettling silhouette of an operator that looks like an amalgamated image of himself.

Rainbow Six Extraction launches on the 20th of January on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and was recently confirmed as a day one arrival on Xbox Game Pass.