Rainbow Six Extraction gets final release date

Rainbow Six Extraction Game Pass

As if to make the first quarter of 2022 even busier than ever gamers, Ubisoft revealed that Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction has its final release date of January 20, 2022.

Rainbow Six Extraction is a PVE coop game where a squad of three operators carry out missions within containment areas infested with Archæans, zombie-like creatures that each have their own mechanics that the players must neutralize or avoid. Extraction acts like a spin-off of Siege, so you can expect operators like Sledge, Smoke and Nomad.

Along with this announcement is that the standard game will be priced at $39.99 SRP and the deluxe edition at $49.99, a whole $20 USD less from the previously announced $59.99 SRP. Quite the pleasant surprise because big games don’t usually get a price cut this close to being released.

Not only that, two Buddy Pass tokens are included with every purchase of the game. The Buddy Pass tokens will allow your friends to play the game for free for up to 14 days. A great way to get your mates into the game if they’re still on the fence about it. What’s more is that their progress during these two weeks is saved and transferred over to the full game when they do get it for themselves.

Rainbow Six Extraction release date

Folks who play both Rainbow Six Siege and Rainbow Six Extraction will also get the United Front bundle. It has four exclusive gear sets across both games and will instantly unlock Rainbow Six: Extraction’s entire roster of 18 operators on Rainbow Six: Siege.

Pre-orders start today and doing so will also unlock the Orbital Decay Cosmetic Bundle in Rainbow Six Extraction. If you get the Deluxe Edition instead, it’ll include everything from the Standard Edition with three bonus packs.

Rainbow Six Extraction has a release date of January 20, 2022 and can be purchased on the Microsoft Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.