Planet of Lana gameplay is a welcome sight at Day of the Devs

We got a better look at gameplay of Planet of Lana at the Day of the Devs and got a better look at what we can expect from the game.

We’ve been following Planet of Lana since last year. The last time we wrote about it was when developer Wishfully announced the game was being scored by Takeshi Furukawa, best known for his work on The Last Guardian.

At the Day of the Devs, the indie aftershow that followed Summer Game Fest opening night, creative director Adam Stjärnljus provided better context as to what we can expect once we finally get a chance to explore the Planet of Lana.

Stjärnljus wastes no time describing the premise of the game. You play as a young girl named Lana, who is forced out on a mission to save her sister who has been taken away by an invading robot army. Early in the game, Lana meets a mystical creature, Mui. Lana develops a strong bond and friendship with Mui and she proves to be both loyal and intelligent.

Gameplay presents Planet of Lana as a side-scrolling adventure where you control Lana, while Mui assists her in her journey. Mui acts as a power up that works like a key to some of the puzzles that Lana may encounter. Mui is small and agile, so she can reach places that Lana can’t in order to progress. Another interesting quirk shown in the trailer is that Mui is capable of communicating with some of the creatures of the planet that can help them get past some dangerous encounters.

Planet of Lana gameplay
Lana avoids detection from robots pursuing them.

“Planet of Lana is really a labor of love and we’re very excited here at Wishfully to bring you what we believe is a truly unique adventure,” said Stjärnljus. “And beyond the companion-based puzzle solving and hand-painted art style, you will experience an engaging story with twists and turns that hopefully will stay with you long after the credits have rolled.”

Planet of Lana is coming to PC, Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S and is scheduled for release within 2022.