A Plague Tale Requiem shows off gameplay trailer, sequel all set for launch

Plague Tale next gen

Amidst a number of big name AAA titles experiencing production delays and being pushed back for polish, A Plague Tale Requiem is a sequel bucking the trend. Developer Asobo Studio announced that Requiem has gone gold, meaning that barring any last-minute hiccups, the game is ready to roll for its expected launch date of October 18, which is also when it launches day one on Game Pass.

Asobo Studio has also dropped a new gameplay overview trailer, giving new and returning players a taste of what to expect in the next chapter of Amicia and Hugo’s journey.

Starting off a few months after the end of A Plague Tale: Innocence, the sequel has Hugo, Amicia, their mother Beatrice and their companion Lucas finding sanctuary in 14th Century Provence, a land still untouched by the plague. That respite is short-lived though, as Hugo’s connection with the Macula plague reawakens, even as he’s beset by dreams of a mysterious island. As rat swarms bring death and disease to Provence, Amicia and Hugo push onwards, finding new friends and allies as they strive to learn more about the affliction that follows the De Rune family.

The trailer gives us a look at a more hardened Amicia, who brings more options to misdirect using tools and environmental options, as well as stealthy takedowns and a handy crossbow, hopefully giving players more options and a less linear stealth puzzle experience.

Hugo also brings some new tools to the table, as his connection with the Macula plague and the game’s terrifying rat swarms has deepened. Amicia’s younger brother now has the ability to “smell” the blood of nearby people, giving you a “truesight” effect similar to the Eagle Vision of Assassin’s Creed, giving you a much needed boon for stealthy situational awareness. Hugo’s connection to the rats may also bring more gameplay options, as the trailer hints at using the rat swarms to engulf your foes, though this has a taxing effect on Hugo. Whether this is going to be an actual gameplay mechanic you’ll be using or a more narrative set piece is something to be seen.

Along the way, we’re also given a quick look at a range of potential allies you’ll encounter along the way, as well as rail shooter segments of the game where Amicia hunkers down behind a crossbow turret while their boat races down a waterway. We’re also treated to sweeping views of Mediterranean Provence, old Roman ruins, and hordes and hordes of rats swarming the city streets.

There’s a lot to chew on in the gameplay trailer, and we’re looking forward to A Plague Tale Requiem. Again the game is slated for release on new gen platforms such as Windows 10 PC and Xbox Series consoles, and will be available via the Microsoft Store and to subscriber s of Game Pass.