A Plague Tale Requiem advances like evolved rat swarms only possible on next gen

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In the latest issue of Edge Magazine, the director of A Plague Tale Requiem said next gen has allowed them to consider sequences that were previously impossible, including better rat technology.

In a feature devoted to the upcoming dark fantasy adventure, Kevin Choteau of Asobo Studio gave some insights on some of its more technical aspects. As an exclusive for next gen, Choteau said that they have been able to increase the quality of character models, which already had some great looking art direction in Innocence.

Where the gains from next gen are truly felt is the ability to increase the amount of area that could be rendered. “In Innocence, some parts could look a bit like a theatre set due to technical limitations,” Choteau said. “For Requiem, we’ve been able to push the horizon much farther.”

Such advancements serve to expand the opportunities for the narrative. “When we write, [the increased quality] allows us to consider sequences that were previously impossible, such as chases with hundreds of thousands of rats, or locations that evolve
dynamically according to the story and events.”

Plague Tale next gen

The most significant advances made in A Plague Tale Requiem have to do with the rats, which have now evolved. Players of Innocence are familiar with the usual tricks and gadgets used to manipulate their behavior but according to Choteau they will present a greater challenge. “They are now able to climb and are much more efficient at catching their prey by taking advantage of the environment.”

In the feature, Choteau also discusses the character arcs for Amicia and Hugo, two protagonists who aren’t particularly given to conflict. “She can be much more aggressive.” Choteau said. “Amicia unfortunately had to get used to dealing death and is no longer taken by surprise.” He assured that personal limits will be explored.

A Plague Tale Requiem launches on next gen consoles on October 18. The game will also be launching day one on Game Pass.