PC Game Pass preview for Southeast Asia guide: features, pricing, games

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Microsoft announced that they are bringing a preview of PC Game Pass to five countries in Southeast Asia. That’s right, players in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam can now sample the subscription service without needing to overcome payment restrictions and region locking.

“Beginning today, players can register for the PC Game Pass preview giving them access to a library of over 100 high-quality games including new Xbox Game Studios releases on day one, iconic Bethesda games, and an EA Play membership for one low monthly price,” reads a post on Microsoft’s official website. “With a huge variety of PC games across genres, and new games added all the time, there’s something for everyone to play.”

How much is PC Game Pass Preview in Southeast Asia?

To start you need only download the Xbox Insider app from the Microsoft Store and register for the preview. Players can then trial PC Game Pass for a low price of 1.500 Indonesian rupiah (IDR), 1 Malaysian Ringgit (RM), 5 Philippine pesos (PHP), 3 Thai baht (THB), or 2500 Vietnamese dong (VND) for the initial duration of the preview.

While a low first month is typical of the Game Pass subscription offer, Microsoft says that this is so that their “developers can set up and test the local payment systems.” After the first month, the price of the subscription goes to a more “normal” fee of 49.999 IDR, 15 RM, and 59000 VND. I couldn’t find the standard price in Thai baht. Here’s a table for the pricing for reference:

Trial PriceTentative Subscription Fee
Indonesia 1.500 IDR 49.999 IDR
Malaysia1 RM15 RM
Philippines5 PHP119 PHP
Thailand3 THB?
Vietnam2500 VND59000 VND
Game Pass Southeast Asia

How do I sign up for PC Game Pass Preview?

You will need the Xbox Insider Hub app to sign up for PC Game Pass preview. Just search for the app on the Microsoft Store on your Windows PC. After signing into the app with your Microsoft account, you’ll find “PC Game Pass Southeast Asia Market Expansion” preview in a tab on the app labeled ‘Previews.’

When registration is complete, you can launch the Xbox app and sign in with the same Microsoft account you used to join the Preview and start your subscription to PC Game Pass from there. You should be able to start searching the Game Pass library for games to download and play.

What features are in PC Game Pass Preview for Southeast Asia?

“PC Game Pass features a large library of high-quality titles from diverse game studios, with experiences from every genre,” says Jeremy Hinton, Business Lead for Xbox Asia. “Xbox Insiders will get the first opportunity to experience the value that PC Game Pass offers, and we look forward to making the service available to more gamers soon.”

Right now PC Game Pass Preview makes good on that promise with first-party exclusives from Xbox Game Studios such as Age of Empires IV, Forza Horizon 5, Gears 5, Sea of Thieves and Microsoft Flight Simulator. The entire catalog of EA’s subscription service, EA Play, thanks to a partnership with the publisher, is also part of PC Game Pass. That’s all on top of other games from big third parties and indie studios.

It’s interesting to note that the official PR says “over 100 games playable” when the actual number of games on PC Game Pass is over 400. Either this is a low ball figure that’s been grandfathered in from older marketing copy, or region locking is going to come into play.

Hopefully not, though it’s possible if any of Xbox’s partner publishers have existing deals in place with other companies for the Southeast Asian region. We’ll report back if we find any discrepancies between PC Game Pass Preview for Southeast Asia and the Game Pass enjoyed by the rest of the global Xbox audience.