Overwatch cross-play live so you can get creamed by PC

Overwatch cross-play

Overwatch, the five-year old team-based multiplayer shooter finally added cross-play. That’s right, Overwatch cross-play lets you find friends and enemies across all platforms whether it’s Xbox, PC, Switch and PlayStation. The latest global Battle.net update enabled the feature allowing you to team up or clash with whoever you want at your discretion.

Overwatch developer Blizzard Entertainment first expressed interest in the feature back in 2018, when conversations about the value or necessity of multi-platform online communities started coming to a head. So clearly, engineering this feature has taken quite a bit of work either in the matter of technical back end or in negotiating the right arrangements with platform holders like Sony and Nintendo.

However, this also means us mere controller-wielding mortals on Xbox One are now at the mercy of those desktop ninjas who use forbidden interfaces like mice and keyboards. So while we will all be welcoming new friends and enemies to our respective parties, we must also remain vigilant for those with lightning inputs and high frame rates who seek to destroy us.

All kidding aside, don’t worry about your ranking if you happen to be a competitive player. Blizzard says that for competitive modes, “you will not be able to play as a party consisting of both PC and console players together. [Each will] have their own separate matchmaking pools.” But remember fellow Xbox gamers, we’re not trapped in casual quickmatches with PC players, they’re trapped in here with us.

Blizzard has decided to celebrate the addition of the feature with a special Golden loot box that will be available to anyone who logs in to Overwatch before the end of the year. This special “cross-play” loot box will likely have the highest tier of sprays and emotes you already own.

To learn more about the cross-play update, you can check out Blizzard’s cross-play FAQ.