OlliOlli World gets new content starring Alex from Oxenfree

OlliOlli World developer Roll7 has come up with the most perfect pairing for their skateboard action side-scroller, a collaboration with Oxenfree. That’s right, the protagonist of the 2016 spooky island thriller by Night School studios is joining the game as a playable character. Olli olli oxenfree, indeed.

The collab is part of the recently released Void Riders expansion. Simply access the postcode ‘MV32FR33’, which was located in a hidden message made out of morse code in a video on Instagram Live from Roll7. You’ll then be able to play as Alex from Oxenfree and perform tricks to a remix of the song Beacon Beach by Oxenfree composer Andrew Rohrmann.

The Void Riders expansion was added to Olli Olli World on June 15, just a few months after the game’s launch in February. The DLC introduces some far out extraterrestrials who have arrived in Radlandia to acquire the finest pipe grinders and slope tricksters for the mighty Nebulord.

OlliOlli Oxenfree
Oxenfree. By Night School Studio.

In our review of OlliOlli world, reviewer Rae Nedjadi wrote, “It’s hard to put down OlliOlli World, and that’s a testament to how satisfying the skating feels and relatively easy the controls are. It’s a game that’s easy to pick up and difficult to master, and playing to find your own fun spot along that spectrum is a true joy.” 

They also added, “Despite the lack of a clear path to mastery and a few truly frustrating challenges, I’m eager to keep playing OlliOlli world until I become my own version of a skate god.”

The Void Riders expansion for OlliOlli World is included as part of the game’s Expansion Pass. Another content drop is due later this year as part of the above mentioned Expansion Pass. OlliOlli World and Oxenfree are available on the Microsoft Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles.