OlliOlli World features Danny Trejo as special guest star

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Legendary character actor Danny Trejo will be appearing in the upcoming OlliOlli World. The third in the OlliOlli series of skateboarding side-scrollers will feature Trejo in his “most realistic digital representation yet,” according to the developers at Roll7.

Trejo has over 300 film and television credits to his name and is best known for his many roles in the works of Robert Rodriguez, such as From Dusk till Dawn, Desperadoes and the character of Machete that he pioneered in Spy Kids. He will be a part of the world of Radlandia when OlliOlli World launches on February 8.

In the game, Trejo’s character model will be wearing a cross necklace and cutoff shirt while sporting his iconic mustache and legendary tattoos. Players who find Danny Trejo in OlliOlli World will unlock a sidequest that, when completed, unlocks a special cosmetic item for their avatar to wear.

OlliOlli World Danny Trejo

Videogame crossovers with characters from film and TV as well as celebrities and influencers are becoming increasingly common. This one is just the latest for Trejo, who appeared in the Far Cry 6 side quest “Danny & Dani vs. The World,” where players gather ingredients to make Trejo’s Tacos for the Yaran resistance.

OlliOlli World continues the series’ wonderfully satisfying skateboard action platforming and transfers into a stunning and whimsical 3D world inspired by contemporary cartoons. The setting is Radlandia, a kingdom that’s been forged by the skateboard gods.

“Traverse a delightful and weird world as you take on missions, challenges, and make new friends,” is how Roll7 describes the game. “Customize your character’s looks, tricks, and style while you experience explorable levels with multiple paths that provide an array of opportunities for player expression. Challenge the world in Leagues or dare a friend to beat your best tricks on one of millions of sharable levels.”

Once again, OlliOlli World launches February 8, 2022 on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. You can pre-order it at the Microsoft Store right now.