Obsidian slows down to get quality updates for Grounded

In a post today, Obsidian Entertainment said they will slow down their monthly content releases to get more quality updates for Grounded. The game is approaching its first year anniversary but the studio said “we still have so much we want to do for the game.”

Grounded is a backyard survival game from the developers of Outer Worlds that has a “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” premise in which ant-sized kids must endure a harsh and unforgiving backyard filled with bugs and insects. It entered Xbox Game Preview and Steam Early Access back in July 28, 2020 and the game has received dozens of updates.

According to Obsidian, it’s been difficult to keep up the pace of updates. That’s not surprising for a studio that is also developing the action RPG Avowed, a secret project by Fallout: New Vegas director Josh Sawyer and possibly a sequel to The Outer Worlds. “We will be looking at doing larger and slightly less frequent updates moving forward, which will allow us to make our updates more meaningful with more and better content,” Obsidian said.

“We are approaching the one-year mark from the Game Preview/Early Access launch and we still have so much that we want to do for the game,” Obsidian said. “Some of these larger features take time, and with a small team it’s difficult to release content every month while balancing larger tasks that need to get done to finish the game.”

This change in plans means that there won’t be the usual update for the month of May. Instead, the developers will continue to work on the 0.10.0 update, which has been pinned to the end of June. Obsidian shared some of these updates, which include the addition of curved walls, more roof variations, pillars and the ability to flip some building pieces. Changes will be made to giant food items and new features for photo mode.

Obsidian described these features as just “a small preview of what’s coming in June” and said it doesn’t want to “spoil the big stuff.” Ultimately their goal is to “find the right balance of keeping the game fresh with new things while giving the team enough time” to develop quality updates for Grounded.

“As always your feedback in this process is critical as we figure out a good release cadence as we continue on the path towards our 1.0 launch,” Obsidian said.

Grounded is available as an Xbox Game Preview for Windows PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and is also available on Steam as an Early Access Game. It’s also available to subscribers of Xbox Game Pass.

Source: Obsidian Entertainment