The critically acclaimed Norco is coming to Xbox consoles

The Southern Gothic mystery of Norco is coming to Xbox consoles. After a warm critical reception on PC, the point and click adventure will be playable on your console on October 20.

Released earlier this year on March 24 on PC, Norco tells a story about a town with “sinking suburbs and verdant industrial swamps” through surreal art that features a near futuristic Southern Louisiana as its setting as well as other parts around New Orleans. 

You play as Kay, a young adult who has left their home Norco, a small town just outside of New Orleans, for around five years. Kay’s mother suffers from cancer and lives with her younger brother, Blake, who struggles with his own problems. Kay’s mother reaches out and it prompt’s Kay to return, only to find out their mother has passed and Blake is missing. Kay then meets old, familiar faces around town to discover more about their mother and missing brother. 

Norco is a point-and-click adventure that features surreal pixel art that meshes well with the sullen theme of depression, anxiety and guilt of the protagonist. Unsurprisingly, it’s a melancholy story and makes interesting use of point-and-click mechanics not unlike early 90s graphic adventures. The puzzles in the game evoke that “a-ha” feeling if you’re able to pay attention throughout the text based adventure. 

Prior to release, the game won the inaugural Tribeca Games Award at the Tribeca Film Festival back in 2021. And in 2022, Norco won the Long Feature award at the Berlin A MAZE festival. Critics have compared the game to Disco Elysium and Kentucky Route Zero for its surreal literary tone. 

Norco consoles
The sky above the gas station was the color of depression, tuned to a dead economy.

You can check out Norco on the 20th of October when it releases for consoles as well as Game Pass. That being said, you can also play the game now on your PC if you’re so inclined as it’s available on PC Game Pass.