No Man’s Sky Prisms update grants visual overhaul

No Man’s Sky Prisms update continues the game’s amazing transformation since its release in 2016. It is the third major update the open galaxy exploration adventure has received this year

The Prisms update gives No Man’s Sky “a visual overhaul.” According to developer Hello Games, “cirtually every aspect” has received a touch up. “Planets, skies, stars, creatures, the weather, space stationers and more — new technology and new art mean they look the best they’ve ever been.” At this point, the game is a stunning sight to behold especially on current gen consoles like the Xbox Series X.

While No Man’s Sky didn’t live up to the somewhat unrealistic expectations of consumers, there’s no denying that initial marketing left enough blanks for them to fill in a more ambitious game. In the year since, the game has received several updates, making it into a far more impressive experience and cultivating a loyal player base.

Volumetric lighting effects make detailed cave biomes more atmospheric, while dimensional rain refracts light and gives surfaces a more authentic wetness. Hair and fur rendering is more realistic and also helps to diversify the variety of creatures encountered. New warp effects have more depth and detail to create a more satisfying blast through space.

Prisms also builds on the Companions update issued last February, which gave players the ability to tame, train and breed alien creatures, by adding flying creatures to the mix. Now players can tame and ride “giant beetles, flying worms, and colossal butterflies.” Photo Mode has also been enhanced with “improved depth of field and bloom controls.”

Hello Games says it has even more updates coming to No Man’s Sky later this year. No Man’s Sky was first released on PlayStation 4 and PC in 2016 and was released for Xbox One consoles in July 2018. It was then upgraded for Optimized for Xbox Series X|S certification in November 2020. The game is available for purchase on the Microsoft Store for all consoles and Windows 10 PCs. Game Pass subscribers can also play No Man’s Sky as part of the service.

Source: Official Site for No Man’s Sky