Netflix says Resident Evil series keeps the games canon

The Resident Evil series coming to Netflix this year exists alongside the established timeline and canon of the games. That’s according to series showrunner Andrew Dabb, who discussed the canonicity of the games with the press during a Netflix event promoting the show.

The streaming service dropped the trailer on Thursday for the upcoming show, which is being adapted from the venerable series of survival horror games from Capcom. The series will drop into Netflix on July 14. It departs somewhat from the source material but claims to retain continuity by taking place in a world that has been ravaged by the Umbrella Corporation’s experiments.

Dabb said that the Resident Evil series is not a direct adaptation of any of the games, but everything that happened in the games is considered canon to a degree. That includes the following notable events:

  • Resident Evil 2’s Racoon City was blown up in 1998
  • Resident Evil 4’s Ashley Graham, the president’s daughter, was abducted in 2004
  • Resident Evil 5’s Chris Redfield punches a boulder at some point, and Albert Wesker dies in a volcano after being shot with two RPGs for good measure in 2009.
  • The more recent Resident Evil games which features Ethan Winters from Resident Evil 7’s Baker House incident happened around 2017 and the Village incident was in 2021.

Asked about the character change for Wesker, Dabb remarked that, “If you know the games, Wesker is dead. He got blown up by a rocket launcher in a volcano.”

“The games are our backstory,” Dabb says. “So, everything in the games exists in this world. So, how is Wesker alive now? I will say stay tuned and the answer is not like, ‘He’s immune to lava.'”

Fans are still skeptical of the showrunner’s choice to put Lance Reddick up for the role of Albert Wesker. Even more so at the notion of Albert Wesker’s return, because back in 2016 during the San Diego Comic-Con, Resident Evil 5 Producer Masachika Kawata, confirmed at a panel that Albert Wesker perished in the game’s finale. “Even if you want Albert Wesker to come back,” Kawata told the crowd, “there’s no chance he’s coming back from that.”

So this Wesker that Lance Reddick will be playing could be someone who is looking to restart Project W through eugenics and virology or some other convoluted back-up plan Wesker had in case he’d died. Another question left unanswered is “What ever happened to Albert Wesker’s son, Jake Muller?”

Netflix Resident Evil

That being said, the Resident Evil series on Netflix takes place on a timeline from 2022 to 2036 with the first season getting 8 episodes total. The series plot might not even affect the game’s timelines either and could be an isolated incident. The teasers already show a good amount of BOWs (Bio Organic Weapons) from the Resident Evil monster playlist. Those being your Zombies, Cerberus (Zombie Dogs) and Lickers. However, other Resident Evil fans like me hold out hope of seeing a tall vampire lady.