Microsoft wants to make a metaverse part of Xbox’s future

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Microsoft metaverse is going to be a thing, and it was confirmed during the Microsoft Ignite stream earlier this week. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella gave quite the speech about the company’s plans for bringing the digital and physical world together into a virtual environment, one that would serve as a hub world that would be accessible on the Microsoft metaverse platform.

The best way to describe it is they want to make their version of Ready Player One a reality. An Oasis in which all of Microsoft’s programs work together inside a VR setting that’s fully accessible and integrated with each other and allows for remote work and improve personal presence within a space.

For now, Microsoft will focus on the more practical side of things first though such as Teams, Excel and Powerpoint but has also stated that Xbox will be part of it too. Nadella said, “You can absolutely expect us to do things in gaming. If you take Halo as a game, it is a metaverse. Minecraft is a metaverse, and so is Flight Sim.”

“In some sense, they are 2D today, but the question is, can you now take that to a full 3D world, and so we absolutely plan to do so.” Sounds a lot like my… er… some guy’s dream of entering a meeting looking like Master Chief.

Microsoft metaverse

While there’s nothing concrete for Xbox gaming currently, this is definitely a step forward into an innovative experimental future that shows what could be possible one day once everything under Microsoft’s Metaverse plans has been set in motion.

What does the Metaverse mean for Xbox games now though? For now it’s just wishful thinking. It is a lot of what if and what could be. All these talks of Metaverses feel a lot like big tech company talk and they just don’t do it for me. I can’t seem to get excited about it since it feels like I’m trying to grasp onto something made out of thin air.

Nothing about it feels concrete enough to me at this point so at the very least I’m cautiously optimistic about it, but I won’t hold my breath for it.