Microsoft Flight Simulator gets a dose of Halo with the Pelican dropship

Microsoft Flight Simulator is getting an unexpected dose of science fiction with Halo Infinite’s Pelican dropship, a free DLC available now in the buildup towards Flight Simulator’s 40th anniversary. The Pelican dropship was a surprise reveal as part of the Microsoft Flight Simulator presentation at the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022.

The Pelican series of aircraft serve as a general purpose transport in the Halo universe, with the UNSC fielding configurations of the craft for troop & vehicle transport, cargo lifters, reconnaisance, black ops, and as gunships. It’s going to be interesting to see how the Pelican handles in Flight Simulator, and the trailer reveal shows us some gorgeous cockpit displays and sizzle reels of nape of the earth flying around river valleys and coastlines, as well as a parting shot that sees a Pelican dropship climbing up the clouds and later drifting in low earth orbit.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Halo

The Halo nerd in me is also wondering which specific model of the Pelican they’re featuring in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The head-on view we get for a few seconds seems to indicate that it’s the classic D77-TC troop carrier, though I’m not up to date on Jane’s Fighting Aircraft of the UNSC, so take my pattern recognition with a grain of salt.

The Flight Simulator presentation also gave us a taste of the new things to expect for the long-running simulator franchise’s 40th anniversary, including historical aircraft like the Wright flyer, the Spirit of St. Louis, aerobatic prop planes, airliners like the Airbus A310, helicopters, and ultralight gliders.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary Edition will release on November 2022 on Xbox, PC, and Cloud, and will be available on Game Pass.