Microsoft Flight Simulator console launch is soon

Microsoft Flight Simulator console launch is just my opinion, probably

Microsoft Flight Simulator console launch on Xbox is pretty much a lock in at this point. While Xbox Wire said last December that the game would be coming to consoles soon, no specific date was given. But thanks to a couple of clues, we can safely say that launch is drawing closer.

An update last week trimmed the game down from a beefy 130+GB to a less beefy 80+GB install size, which ensures that it takes up less space on the svelte storage on consoles. But today we’ve got two little nuggets of information that all but confirm the game’s imminent launch on Xbox Series X|S.

An appearance on Xbox Game Pass is the first sign of the Microsoft Flight Simulator console launch. Reddit user NfinityBL was able to see a PC and Console version for the game on the Xbox Game Pass app, though an attempt to click and start the download was met with an error. This seems to suggest that the game is being prepared for a surprise launch soon.

Additional evidence comes in the form of the ESRB, the US game rating body that reviews upcoming releases to grant certification regarding the audience appropriateness of game content. The game was rated by the ESRB an E for Everyone, meaning it is approved for players of all ages. That certification is unsurprising since by nature, Microsoft Flight Simulator does not depict sexual content, substance use or any kind of conflict or violence.

My current guess is that Microsoft intends to make their plans for Flight Simulator as part of the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, which will stream on June 13. It’s possible that the game’s console launch could even be a shadowdrop, that is to say an announcement that declares the game will be live on Xbox the same night as the showcase. Of course, that’s just you know, my speculation.