Mass Effect star wants to play a “weird alien”

Mass Effect star Jennifer Hale said she’d like to be a “weird alien that nobody knows it’s me” in a future Mass Effect.

With Mass Effect Legendary Edition at the top of minds and hearts these past few weeks, the veteran voice actress was asked in an interview with Game Informer’s Liana Ruppert what she’d like to see in the future of the sci-fi franchise. “I want Shepard back 100%,” Hale responded. “I want to explore the relationships, you know, with Garrus, Thane, Liara--all of that,” she added.

“I would like for FemShep to be able to romance Tali, and I would like everyone to be able to romance Jack,” Hale added in reference to characters whose romances were written exclusively for players of male Shepard, though some dialogue lines have been found by intrepid modders that indicate such romances were on the table at one point.

Of course, the question remains whether or not Shepard could and would return for the next game in the Mass Effect series. While its understood that the game’s announcement trailer suggests the return of Shepard by depicting Liara finding a piece of Shepard’s iconic N7 armor, the nature of the original trilogy’s ending makes the how and why uncertain, even accounting for Liara’s incredibly long lifespan.

“I just want to jump back into this story in any capacity,” Hale said, clearly enthusiastic to be involved in Mass Effect’s future. Hale pointed to fellow Mass Effect star Mark Meer as an example of someone who would remain involved in Mass Effect without playing Shepard. In addition to voicing male Shepard, Meer plays the vorcha and fan favorite Blasto, the First Hanar Spectre.

“I want to be like Mark Meer where I can be this weird alien that nobody knows it’s me.”

Source: Game Informer