The Winter Soldier is the next hero to be added to Marvel’s Avengers

The next hero to arrive on Marvel’s Avengers is the Winter Soldier himself, James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes. 

Although an awkward leak on the official Xbox channel led players to believe that the next hero to join the superhero action brawler would be the Savage She-Hulk (in order to coincide with the Disney+ TV series), some new information reveals that the former HYDRA sleeper agent would be next.

Additionally, an interview with Brian Waggoner, lead designer of Marvel’s Avengers by Paul Tassi of Forbes discussed some of the upcoming updates to the game. Confirmed in their conversation was the plan to have Bucky come out after Jane Foster, The Mighty Thor. The Winter Soldier will be arriving on patch 2.7 as a new playable character; but not before another Warzone update in which the Scientist Supreme sets her sinister plans for M.O.D.O.K. into motion after update 2.6.

Avengers Winter Soldier
The Winter Soldier in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

Information about Bucky Barnes is a little scarce at the moment but the interview reveals that Bucky won’t be an echo or mirrored character like how Jane Foster was to Thor. While you might find some influences from characters like Captain America and Black Widow, The Winter Soldier will still be his own character. 

“He trained with Cap, right? So he may share a similar feel, I guess. I don’t want to say he has a shield or anything because he doesn’t, but his fighting style will feel like they had trained in the same place. And our Winter Soldier also trained in the Red Room, so you may see some things where we took inspiration from Black Widow’s kit. But no, not sharing any abilities or anything like that.” said Waggoner.

Other than The Winter Soldier joining the roster, AIM’s Cloning Lab will be arriving as an Omega Level Threat endgame content with new gear, an power-level cap increase and the next story beat conflict between the Avengers and AIM. To know more, you can check out the official Marvel’s Avengers Blog for their August update.