Marvel’s Avengers roadmap revised ahead of Wakanda

Marvel's Avengers roadmap

August is when the War for Wakanda expansion arrives for Marvel’s Avengers and to keep things on track, Crystal Dynamics’ roadmap for the game has been revised. It’s easy to see this as cause for consternation given the game’s past fiascos with content, but if it means ensuring that Black Panther arrives when promised, then I’m all for it. For reference, here’s the roadmap from earlier this year:

Marvel's Avengers roadmap revised

To be fair, I mostly tune out of these kinds of roadmaps not just because it’s hard to really give too much attention to developer promises. Broadly speaking, devs try to do the best they can when supporting any game with live service elements, and some understanding is expected given the current global pandemic.

Marvel’s Avengers roadmap is being revised so that end-game content Crystal Dynamics is working on such as the Omega Level Threat missions are being prioritized. Meanwhile stuff like Patrol Mode — effectively an open environment with quests to complete rather than a mission– and new War Zones and Assignments are being pushed back until after. Here’s the new roadmap:

Marvel's Avengers roadmap revised

According to a blog post from Crystal Dynamics’ Avengers team, players can expect the “Omega-Level Threat: Family Reunion [mission], multiplayer Mega Hives, and the ability to play as multiple of the same Hero as a permanent feature”. This is on top of the drip feed of paid hero outfits based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Forbes’ Paul Tassi, who specializes in covering shared world shooters like Destiny 2 and live service games like Marvel’s Avengers spoke to Crystal Dynamics regarding these changes. “[They’ve] decided based on player feedback to change their focus from the upcoming Wasteland patrol activity to getting their first Omega-Level threat activity live as soon as they can.”

Tassi said, “I pressed them pretty hard on Spider-Man [and] the impression I got is that they are definitely going to be making the PS-exclusive Spider-Man character/campaign come hell or high water, due to the deal with Sony.” Other plans include creating “dedicated farming loops with clear rewards” and prioritizing new enemy types to address player fatigue towards AIM robots.

While I’m very much in a state of “I’ll believe it when I see it,” with regards to Marvel’s Avengers, I’m pleased to hear that at least plans are being adapted to be more responsive to what’s needed or wanted and that Crystal Dynamics actually has something to let players know about that isn’t a new paid cosmetic.