Marvel’s Avengers gets Crossbones and more enemies

Marvel’s Avengers will be launching its War for Wakanda expansion tomorrow and with new content, the superpowered hero brawler get a new villain, Crossbones. While Ulysses Klaue was among the previously announced highlights of the free update, an interview with Game Informer revealed that this “iconic” villain arrives as well.

Crossbones is an uncompromisingly villainous mercenary with a history with the Avengers, and appears alongside Ulysses Klaue as hired muscle in the war against Wakanda. “I think what’s really fun about the sheer amount of Marvel villains on our roster is we get to really dig into what would be the most interesting twist and turn from what we’ve done previously,” writer Hannah McLeod said.

“Crossbones has some of the most iconic comic dialogue ever because he just enjoys himself so much, but he’s also got some interesting tricks up his sleeve. There’s always a lot of discussion of who we think our villains should be. Klaue doesn’t really get his hands dirty in the same way as other villains might, so we needed him to have a character who would have no problem with that.”

Some missions from War for Wakanda will feature Crossbones leading members of the Klaue Company, These mercenaries possess a range of abilities that center around corrupted vibranium and sonic devices. They gain major buffs after dealing a chain of successful hits, while those with a Sonic Aura can shield their allies from projectiles and melee attacks.

A lack of enemy variety has been a persistent problem for Marvel’s Avengers. Players have long tired of the various robots and AIM minions that make up almost the entirety of the game’s missions. And while Kate Bishop’s Taking AIM operation, Hawkeye’s Future Imperfect operation and the Cosmic Cube event featuring Scientist Supreme have added more content they’ve done little to nothing to offset this issue.

“The benefit of it being a games-as-a-service and something we can continually update is we can look at new mission designs, new objectives, and add ways to vary that play experience for people,” assures senior game designer Scott Walters. “With the enemies, we get to introduce new combat requirements that change how the fight plays out. […] We wanted to add new enemy archetypes to the Wakanda mission. It made sense because there was a new villain who has his own faction, his own recruits underneath him.”

Previews for War for Wakanda from various outlets currently make the premature claim that War for Wakanda a step in the right direction. Still, it remains to be seen whether the player community will feel the same when Marvel’s Avengers gets Crossbones and all these other additions. War for Wakanda arrives to Marvel’s Avengers tomorrow.