Marvel’s Avengers comes to Xbox Game Pass this week

Marvel's Avengers sales

Marvel’s Avengers will be added to Xbox Game Pass. A post on Xbox Wire by Hunter Wolfe, community coordinator at Crystal Dynamics, revealed that the game will be added to the subscription service on September 30, with all the perks that entails such as playability on the cloud via Xbox Cloud Gaming.

The Xbox Game Pass version will feature the full release and all post-launch content. That’s a complete package of the single player campaign, the post-campaign grind content and all the story expansions: Kate Bishop’s “Taking AIM”, Hawkeye’s “Future Imperfect” and the recently launched Black Panther expansion “War for Wakanda.”

To celebrate the game’s arrival on Game Pass, a quad XP event will be taking place from September 30 to October 4 wrapping up a month-long one-year anniversary celebration. During this period, playing grants you quadruple experience, allowing players to level up their Heroes quickly. XP boosters used during this time are also cumulative with the event’s boost.

This announcement isn’t entirely a surprise. I speculated as much some months ago that coming to Game Pass could be a win for Marvel’s Avengers and a much better idea than going free-to-play, which is the suggestion that others have made. Game Pass is a natural fit for service games that rely on player counts and engagement to incentivize in-game spending, and Game Pass users spend more.

Game Pass deals are also flexible. When you go free-to-play, there’s usually no going back. But a game’s presence on Game Pass can be negotiated according to what both parties — in this case, Microsoft and Square Enix — feel good about. Square Enix said they were happy with the performance of Outriders launching on Game Pass, so its not unreasonable to try a sagging game like Marvel’s Avengers on it.

All that being said, Marvel’s Avengers on Game Pass is a great opportunity for players to try out the beleaguered superhero brawler and see if they like it. It’s not a game I recommend in general, but I also play it more often than I should. It’s got a decent single player campaign and some fun combat, but it’s up to you whether that’s worth putting up with repetitive enemies and mind numbing mission design.

The in-game microtransactions aren’t really offensive, but mostly on account of how boring and mediocre they are. Cosmetics, skins, emotes and takedowns can be purchased but more than half of them are so lame that it’s unlikely you’ll feel the temptation to reach for your wallet.

Additional content has been confirmed for 2022, but it remains to be seen whether that content can generate the same level of excitement as Black Panther: War for Wakanda.