Maneater is the deadliest catch to arrive on Xbox Game Pass

Xbox users are gonna need a bigger boat starting today as Maneater is now available on Game Pass for both Xbox and Windows 10 PC.

Following an update that now makes the game optimized for Xbox Series X|S via Smart Delivery, publisher Tripwire Interactive has evidently made the shark action RPG available to subscribers of Xbox Game Pass. In Maneater, you start as a little baby shark – doot doot doo doodoo doo – and chomp your way through the open waters of Port Clovis.

It’s not long before you grow and evolve into a razor toothed menace. While Maneater’s core gameplay can get repetitive, I didn’t really tire of it thanks to its sharp comedic writing and emphasis on fun in favor of realism. It’s a very silly game that lets you evolve your shark and equip a variety of fantastic buffs and weapons like electric powers and poison fumes, all while narrator Chris Parnell provides comic deadpan commentary.

Still, the game is only about 10-15 hours long, which means players can finish Maneater well before tiring of it. And if you’re still chomping at the bit for more, Tripwire announced the game’s first DLC, Truth Quest, which will be coming this summer and extends the hilarious saga of Port Clovis with a bit of dark military conspiracy.

If you give Maneater a try on Xbox Game Pass, let us know what you think in the comments below. I’m genuinely curious as to what additions come with being optimized for Xbox Series consoles so I might take a dive myself.