Lost Judgment’s opening features drama, rain and neon

Lost Judgment's opening

Leading up to its release in September, Lost Judgment’s opening cinematic has been posted to Sega America’s YouTube channel. It showcases various characters from the game mostly brooding, staring pensively into the distance and dramatically posing in various artistically lit settings.

The theme song featured in the cinematic, 蝸旋 (Rasen), is composed by jon-YAKITORY and features the vocalist Ado. The song is a kind of pop/rock mix with very heavy electric guitar riffs. You can get the official English lyrics via the video’s subtitles/CC button.

In addition to Lost Judgment’s opening, more videos were posted last week on the YouTube channel. Those videos featured interviews with some of the games actors: Ken Mitsuishi (Akihiro Ehara), Hiroshi Tamaki (Kazuki Soma), Koji Yamamoto (Jin Kuwana), and returning actor Akira Nakao (Ryuzo Genda). They spoke about their new experiences with acting in this game. Nakao spoke about how the role from the previous game gave him some recognition among the younger audience and how those younger fans would shout “Hey director,” at him.

Lost Judgment is the sequel to 2019’s Judgment, a spinoff game from Sega’s popular Yakuza series. Judgment follows the story of Takayuki Yagami a lawyer-turned-detective and features various stealth, trailing and clue searching missions. The game’s combat system is similar to the beat ’em up/brawler style of other Yakuza games (excluding the new turn based combat of Yakuza: Like a Dragon). It was also announced Lost Judgement will feature a new fighting style, in addition to the two from the original game, that focuses on disarming and counter attacking enemies called Snake style.

Lost Judgment is slated for release on September 24, 2021 for Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles. It is currently available for preorder from the official website as well as most videogame retailers of your choice. The original Judgment is also available for Xbox; it was made available for the platform earlier this year, two full years after the original release.