Lost Judgment DLC Kaito Files gets a release date

Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio has announced a release date for the Kaito Files story expansion, the latest DLC for Lost Judgment.

The four-chapter storyline featuring Masaharu Kaito, the friend and investigative partner of franchise lead Takayuki Yagami arrives March 28 on PC and current-gen consoles.

Fans of Lost Judgment can look forward to playing as Kaito and he will generally play a bit different from how Yagami does. Kaito’s combat style focuses on being a Bruiser and a Tank. He’ll also use Primal Focus to rely on his gut and instinct to discover clues.

Kaito will be focusing on trying to solve a case connected to his flame, Mikiko, who has disappeared. Along the way, Kaito meets with a young man, Jun, claiming to be their son. They team up to uncover the truth of Mikiko’s disappearance while dealing with Kamurocho’s criminal underbelly. Players can expect the DLC to run 10 hours.

Sega has confirmed that players who have the Ultimate Edition of Lost Judgment or the Season Pass will automatically get The Kaito Files when it is released. Players who wish to get the DLC can purchase it for $29.99. The season pass for Lost Judgment costs $34.99 and includes The Kaito Files DLC along with the Detective Essentials Pack and School Stories Pack.

Lost Judgment DLC

That being said, Sega still hasn’t confirmed if there will be a sequel to Lost Judgment. The reasons behind that are a little complicated and if you are curious as to why that is, my good friend Matt wrote an article on it. It appears to have something to do with the conflict between Takuya Kimura’s agency and Sega, the latter of which insists on bringing the franchise over to PC and the agency’s reluctance to license Kimura’s likeness to the platform.

Lost Judgment launched on September 24, 2021 for Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles. The original Judgment is also available for Xbox.