Life is Strange Remastered Collection trailers show off its new look

Over the past couple of days, Square Enix has released trailers showing off the fresh new look for the 2015 sleeper hit Life is Strange in Life is Strange Remastered Collection.

Life is Strange Remastered Collection includes the original Life is Strange as well as its 2017 prequel Life is Strange Before the Storm. The remaster introduces “improved visuals across characters and environments,” some engine and lighting upgrades, improvements to the character animation in Life is Strange via full motion capture, refinements to puzzles and all the previously released deluxe content for Before the Storm.

Fans of the series have expressed their appreciation for Life is Strange Remastered Collection via comments on the trailers. Adding a fresh coat of paint to a game you’ve loved for so long is an amazing experience especially for those looking to re-experience the game for nostalgia’s sake.

Life is Strange Remastered trailers

Others claim that the Remastered Collection falls too short to be called a remaster. That the changes don’t seem great enough to warrant a remaster and would have wanted more changes made to the base game. And I totally get that, people do use the word “remaster” too loosely and some folks just expect more than just a facelift.

Personally though, I still think having a complete version of the game that includes all the stories that tie the collection together is a welcome addition. It’s a great way for new folks to play the game without troubling themselves on buying expansions just to get the complete experience and it can be a nice gift you can give a friend if you want them to have a complete experience of the game themselves.

Life is Strange Remastered Collection will be available on February 1, a mere couple days after January 30, which marks the seventh anniversary of the original Life is Strange. You can get the Life is Strange Remastered Collection by itself for $39.99 or through the Life is Strange True Colors Ultimate edition for $79.99. Both bundles are available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.