Capcom has made Lady Dimitrescu smaller for Resident Evil Mercenaries

The very tall Lady Dimitrescu is coming to Resident Evil Village’s Mercenaries mode, but in order to accommodate her, Capcom had to make her a few inches shorter.

Officially standing at 9 feet and 6 inches, Lady Dimitrescu towers over everyone around her including other characters like Chris Redfield and Karl Heisenberg who will be joining her in Mercenaries when The Winter’s Expansion for Resident Evil Village lands on October 28 later this year.

October 28 will also see the release of Resident Evil Village Gold Edition, which collects the base game and all previously released content together with the Winter’s Expansion. The Winter’s Expansion includes additional story content in the form of Shadows of Rose, the new Third-Person Mode, and an update to The Mercenaries Mode titled Additional Orders.  

For Mercenaries, new playable characters have been added in the form of Chris Redfield, Karl Heisenberg and Lady Alcina Dimitrescu herself, albeit a little shorter than what most would notice. Game director Kento Kinoshita told Polygon, “For Mercenaries, it’s necessary that the player can control their character easily, and to make that possible we did adjust her height to a little under nine feet tall. At that height, the player just barely avoids bumping into the ceiling.”

Kinoshita also disclosed the thought process behind adapting the three new playable characters in Mercenaries as well as their gameplay principles. “When adapting them for The Mercenaries, we made a conscious effort to give each one their own distinct feel.” Kinoshita said. “Chris is a hybrid character that combines long-range attacks (firearms) with close-combat (fists). Chris is human, so he has no special powers, but this is The Chris Who Punched a Boulder we’re talking about.”

“Meanwhile, Heisenberg wields magnetic force to unleash close-range assaults. Finally, Lady Dimitrescu makes use of her large stature to perform devastating strikes that feel immensely powerful.”

Resident Evil Mercenaries
Respectfully admiring from a distance

Kinoshita understood the importance of Lady Dimitrescu’s stature and presence and added that, “Even though we knew it would be difficult to implement such a tall stature, we decided it was too important not to.”

Resident Evil Village Gold Edition and The Winter’s Expansion will both be released on October 28, 2022.