Knockout City has a ‘block party’ to the tune of 2 million players

To celebrate its launch, dodgeball arena game Knockout City has been having a free trial period and looks like plenty of people are jumping in and taking their shot. Developer Velan Studios announced that two million players have played during the “Block Party” free trial period, which will continue to run through May 30, after which the game will be made available as a $19.99 purchase.

The game was announced during February’s Nintendo Direct as part of the EA Originals initiative. It’s a team-based game and tasks players to knock their enemies from the opposing team out with a ball. Different types of balls have different effects, such as the jump-boosting Moon Ball and the explosive Bomb Ball. Players can even throw other players as balls.

What probably boosted the game’s launch trial success is its availability on multiple platforms — Xbox, PC, Switch and PlayStation — coupled with cross-play and cross-progression. Have you played Knockout City? Let us know if you tried it and what you thought of the game in the comments.

Source: Knockout City Official Twitter