Utada Hikaru performs her Kingdom Hearts classics at Coachella

Utada Hikaru made an appearance at last weekend’s Coachella, hosted by 88rising at their “Head in the Clouds Forever” showcase. During their set, Utada Hikaru sang “Simple and Clean” and “Face My Fears,” the very same intro songs from the first Kingdom Hearts game as well as 2019’s Kingdom Hearts 3.

Fans couldn’t contain their excitement over what just happened with others expressing their FOMO over comments on Twitter. And while the footage of this performance has only been available in a limited number of regions via YouTube, Audrey “aitaikimochi” Lamsam had some clips of their own that they uploaded to Twitter.

The show had Utada Hikaru standing alone on a stage with a big screen showing some trippy visualizers. You would occasionally see some dancers going about the stage from time to time as ample smoke and wind buffeted the singer. Fans were mesmerized as they were serenaded by Utada Hikaru’s amazing performance.

Utada Hikaru also sang “First Love” and “Automatic” during their set, more of their favored songs in past years by fans. Additionally, Utada Hikaru also debuted a new song called “T” that played after the set, which she collaborated on with Warren Hue and 88rising.

It’s been a good couple of past months for Kingdom Hearts fans. Sora was added to Super Smash Bros Ultimate, then news of a new mainline game in the Kingdom Hearts series is in the works and now this.

The 20th Anniversary of Kingdom Hearts really seems to be in full swing and I hope we get to see more great stuff like this all throughout. Utada Hikaru has been producing songs for every mainline installment of the Kingdom Hearts series since the original 2002 classic, and I’m hoping they do end up making one for the recently revealed Kingdom Hearts 4 as well.