Kingdom Hearts 4 is real and already teasing Star Wars

Kingdom Hearts 4 was announced yesterday during the Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Event and already it’s generating a lot of discussion about the possibilities of what characters and worlds may appear.

While the announcement trailer provided no details regarding an expected release date or which consoles and platforms it will be releasing to, it effectively confirms another mainline release in the Kingdom Hearts series. The trailer was stitched into a longer feed that also announced two Kingdom Hearts releases for mobile, Kingdom Hearts Union X Dark Road and Kingdom Hearts Missing Link.

You can watch the Kingdom Hearts IV trailer here in this timestamped link:

A sight to behold for fans I’m sure. Sora looks amazing in this trailer with his hair a little droopier than normal and possibly closer to how it looked when he was a lot younger. He’s awoken from his slumber by a mysterious young lady which fans of the series know to be “Strelitzia” from the Union X side of the Kingdom Hearts world. She then tells Sora that he’s in the Quadratum, a city that’s an “afterworld” of sorts. A few moments later the city, which looks similar to Shibuya District, comes under attack by a towering Heartless. Fans of the series will remember this foe as Darkside.  

As the trailer comes to a close with hooded figures talking in the distance about the world, we find Donald and Goofy seemingly wandering in the darkness looking for someone. With a flick of blue flame and a raspy voice, the fiery demeanor of this stranger hints that they’ve been found by Hades. 

Kingdom Hearts 4

As is expected of Kingdom Hearts fans, there’re already plenty of theories floating about in the Internet about dissecting the trailer to find every bit of information one can get, like the Dream Eaters reference from The World Ends With You from one of the shop signs in the trailer. Another interesting find is in the opening sections of the trailer, where a forest is shown with striking realism. Some Star Wars fans are convinced that the foot of an AT-ST (All Terrain Scout Transport) Walker, like the ones seen in the Forest Moon of Endor, can be spotted.

This opens up a lot of possibilities if more Disney IPs are going to be coming into the mix, can we expect a Star Wars World in Kingdom Hearts 4? A Marvel World? Maybe even a return to Tron? Who knows but fans seem to be eating it all up. I’m looking forward to knowing more about this new game and it looks like we’ll be getting more information soon at a later date as well.

The last time we saw the Kingdom Hearts series was in 2019, with Kingdom Hearts 3. It received above average scores with opinions divided over whether not its convoluted plotline actually tied up a satisfactory amount of loose ends. The lack of any Final Fantasy characters present in KH3 also stung considering how interwoven they used to be. Despite these issues, Kingdom Hearts 3 sold pretty well indicating that there’s still plenty of interest in the series.