Jane Foster joins Marvel’s Avengers as the Mighty Thor

Jane Foster, aka The Mighty Thor is the next hero to be joining the roster of Marvel’s Avengers, the hero brawler by Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix. The team at Crystal Dynamics announced that the Mighty Thor will be arriving with update 2.5, which is sometime after May when the 2.4 update is scheduled.

According to Crystal Dynamics in a blog post, although the Mighty Thor will share some traits with those of her male counterpart — heretofore referred to as Odinson, as he was in the comics — she will have her own suite of moves and elements, making her a unique hero in her own right. That’s good news, as it had long been rumored that characters like The Mighty Thor, as well as She-Hulk and War Machine would be “echo fighters” — a purely cosmetic take on a character that retains the moveset of another. This would theoretically, reduce the development resources needed to swell the ranks of the Avengers, at the cost of depth and individuality.

But given how Marvel’s Avengers ultimately handled Kate Bishop — making her a unique character who wields quantum tachyon technology in addition to her archery skills — it shouldn’t be entirely surprising that a character with such standing in the comics as Jane Foster / Mighty Thor would also be a fully fleshed out character with her own unique moveset.

Jane Foster Thor

The timing of the announcement seems intent on being positioned favorably alongside the recently released teaser trailer for Thor Love and Thunder, which visually confirmed the introduction of the Mighty Thor, the hammer wielding alter ego of Jane Foster to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

On some level, the introduction of the Mighty Thor by June or July will be a critical addition for fans of the struggling hero brawler on PC and Xbox, as she will be the first new character since Black Panther arrived in last August’s War for Wakanda update. Spider-Man was added in late November, but he remains exclusive to players of Marvel’s Avengers on PlayStation, as part of an arrangement that Sony made with Square Enix and Marvel two years ago. By the time the 2.4 update drops in May, Xbox and PC players will be 9 months without a new character or story content.

The rest of today’s announcements from the Avengers team at Crystal Dynamics broke down the details of the 2.4 update. Again, it’s scheduled for May, and will focus on system improvements and in-game events. Event rewards are being reworked so that each event gives gear from different sets, and earnable cosmetics are added to the reward structure for event missions. The update will also provide higher power level gear rewards for meta objectives, and adjust meta objective rewards to give gear for your entire roster. More details will be coming closer to the update release date.