Marvel’s Avengers welcomes Jane Foster next week as The Mighty Thor

For next week’s forecast, Jane Foster will make landfall unto Marvel’s Avengers. Like Thunder before Lightning, Crystal Dynamics has announced that The Mighty Thor is about to come swooping down into Marvel’s Avengers starting next week on the 28th of June.

Crystal Dynamics first announced back in April through their blog that Jane Foster as The Mighty Thor was going to be the next playable character in the game. They also mentioned that while her abilities will have “a lot in common” with Odinson, you can expect her to have “elements that are distinctly Jane.”

Additionally, the most recent June blog by Crystal Dynamics provides extra detail on what we can expect from the Goddess of Thunder once she arrives. Foster will have baseline abilities setting her apart from Odinson which include a new ranged combo and a new ranged power attack. Foster also gets a new Intrinsic ability (All-Mother’s Blessing), a new Overcharge ability, (God Tempest), and a new Ultimate ability (All-Weapon) that enables her to smite foes with both Mjölnir and Undrjarn.

For the lore side of things, Jane Foster will come with her own Hero Challenge Card and a Heroic Mission chain that rewards cosmetics and intelligence files that provide insight into how this version of Jane Foster found her way into the universe of Marvel’s Avengers. Jane Foster will be a fully voiced Hero with her own collection of outfits, emotes, takedowns and nameplates. Crystal Dynamics has also showcased Jane Foster’s outfits and concept art on their blog to better explain the thinking behind some of the designs and where they were inspired from.

Jane Foster Avengers
Concept art for Jane Foster as the Mighty Thor

Aside from the update focusing on Jane Foster, players can also look forward to getting a series of content updates that focuses on Heroes and Villains, a new Warzone and an Omega Level Threat coming soon.

Joining a cast that includes Christopher Judge (Black Panther), Ashly Burch (Kate Bishop) and Giacomo Gianniotti (Hawkeye), is Zehra Fazal, the Pakistani actress who played Amara in Borderlands 3 and played Talia al Ghul in the DC anime, Catwoman Hunted. Fazal will be portraying Jane Foster, the Mighty Thor in Marvel’s Avengers.

Marvel’s Avengers is available on the Microsoft Store for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and is also playable for subscribers of PC and Xbox Game Pass.