Is Forspoken coming to Xbox after all?

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Forspoken is an upcoming action RPG from Square Enix that premiered at a reveal event for Sony’s Playstation 5, presumably as an exclusive, but a new listing suggests it’s coming to Xbox as well.

Just a few days after a dedicated Steam page appeared, Forspoken has made an unexpected appearance on the Microsoft Store. The listing says it will support Xbox Live achievements and Xbox cloud saves, which is de rigeur for pretty much every game being hosted on the Xbox platform.

True exclusives are rare these days, so it’s not entirely surprising that Square Enix would want to publish the game on platforms outside of PlayStation and maximize their potential revenue. But this was unexpected given that a presence at a PlayStation event usually precludes a game’s availability on Microsoft’s platform.

Already some are speculating that the game could arrive on Xbox Game Pass. That strikes me as wishful thinking for a fairly hyped project from developer Luminous Productions. Luminous is the studio behind Final Fantasy XV, a game that launched on PlayStation and Xbox before arriving on PC some years later.

Forspoken Xbox

That being said, a high profile Square Enix release on Game Pass isn’t without precedent. Earlier this year, the action RPG shooter Outriders made a day-one debut on the subscription service, and according to Square, they were pretty pleased with the results.

Forspoken went under the code name Project Athia before it emerged in its new name during the PlayStation 5 spring showcase. The game follows a young woman from contemporary New York named Frey, played by actress Ella Balinska (Charlie’s Angels, Run Sweetheart Run), who falls into the land of Athia and develops command of magical powers to survive.

Balinska said the game is “about a young woman in a beautiful but threatening world.” An official post from Square Enix said that Athia is “stunningly beautiful, but also cruel and deadly,” and that “the young hero must face many fearsome foes and overcome treacherous trials on a journey unlike any other.”

For now, we should take this listing with a few grains of salt, until we receive an official confirmation and details from Microsoft or Square Enix regarding the release plans for Forspoken on Xbox.