Is Battlefield 2042 on Xbox Game Pass?

Something people keep asking me everywhere I turn is whether or not Battlefield 2042 is coming to Xbox Game Pass. In a word? No.

Among the many rumors and assumptions made about Battlefield 2042 before and after its announcement was its inevitable arrival to Game Pass, whether as an exclusive or as a special deal for Xbox. But that’s simply not the case. The game not only launches on all major platforms — Xbox Series, Xbox One, PC, and both generations of PlayStation — so its unsurprising that no announcement has been made regarding the online multiplayer shooter and the subscription service.

That being said, there is, however, a possibility that Battlefield 2042 might still make an appearance on the subscription service sometime after its November launch. While no official comment has been made from either Microsoft, EA or developer DICE, it’s worth noting that subscribers to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate get access to EA Play, EA’s special membership that grants access to some their top titles.

Battlefield 2042 on Game Pass

As of now, several previous Battlefield games are available on Game Pass through this perk, including the very terrible Battlefield Hardline and the very sweet Battlefield: Bad Company 2. In general though, brand new releases don’t come to EA Play until a few months after release, so at best, if Battlefield 2042 were to come to Xbox Game Pass it would be sometime after launch, possibly in mid-2022.

However, EA has confirmed that Battlefield 2042 will have an 10-hour Early Access trial available to all subscribers of EA Play. That includes Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. Special rewards have also been confirmed as monthly incentives to subscribers of both services as well as a 10% discount on purchasing Battlefield 2042.

So while Battlefield 2042 won’t be arriving on Game Pass at launch, EA definitely wants you to get in on the action as soon as possible. That’s everything we know right now about Battlefield 2042 and Game Pass but if things change, we’ll be back with an update.

Battlefield 2042 was originally slated for release on October 22, 2021 before being delayed to November 19. On that date, it launches for Xbox consoles and PC.