Immortality has a new release date on Game Pass that’s a little later than planned

Immortality Sam Barlow
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Immortality, the FMV thriller that’s been highly anticipated by fans of Her Story and Telling Lies, has hit a delay on its release date. While it’s still coming to Game Pass, it will be arriving in August 30 instead of its originally intended date of July 26.

Development studio Half Mermaid made the announcement on Wednesday. “Today we’re pushing back the release date for Immortality to August 20th 2022. It has taken decades for Marissa Marcel’s work to find the light of day, so we’re happy to spend a month more to ensure the experience is as polished as possible.”

The post continues, “We hope everyone anticipating the game will understand this necessary evil and continue to prepare to dig into the most complex mystery we have tried to answer yet: What happened to Marissa Marcel?”

Immortality‘s last presentation was during “Not E3” as part of the Tribeca Games Showcase, alongside games like A Plague Tale and As Dusk Falls. Initially announced as “Project Ambrosio” some years ago, Immortality’s central mystery is that of Marissa Marcel, a (fictional) actress who only appeared in three movies that never saw release.

Immortality release date

Like previous Barlow thrillers, Immortality asks players to engage with large amounts of video in search of clues as to what happened. By digging through Marcel’s unreleased films and other supplementary footage, the player may uncover the mystery of what happened to her.

Once again, the new release date for Immortality is August 30. It will be coming to PC and Xbox Series X|S and launches day one on Game Pass at launch.