ID@Xbox has paid out $2.5 billion in under a decade

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Microsoft announced that in the nine years since the launch of the ID@Xbox developer initiative, indie game makers have been paid more than $2.5 billion.

In a post recapping the history of the ID@Xbox program, the company said that it has surpassed a major milestone in terms of how much revenue has been paid out to indie devs. Back in 2017, the program was at $500 million, which means that $2 billion has been paid in less than five years.

According to Chris Charla, Xbox’s general manager of content curation and programs, ID@Xbox now represents, “more than 4,600 developers from 94 countries worldwide are looking to deliver experiences to players via Xbox, including more than 1,000 creators who signed up to the ID@Xbox program over the last two years.”

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Chinatown Detective Agency is just one of dozens of upcoming games supported by ID@Xbox

The statement speaks directly to previous commitments to a diverse game development ecosystem. “We know talent is universal, and supporting developers of all sizes, from start-up, single-person studios to veteran indies with multiple successful games in the market is crucial.”

Microsoft also stressed their success with ID@Xbox games launching day one directly into Game Pass. They also discussed the spending profile of the average Xbox Game Pass subscriber, stating that one plays 40% more games and 30% more genres compared to non-subscribers as well as spending more.

In related news, Microsoft also announced ID@Azure, a new program “born out of feedback from developers” to help game creators make use of the company’s growing cloud infrastructure. That’s whether they’re making games for iOS or Android smart devices, for Xbox and PC or even for PlayStation and Switch.

The program has been in closed preview for a while now, connecting developers with a virtual machine preloaded with a robust development software environment and support and resources from teams at Microsoft. The support for multiple platforms is in line with the company’s vision of a gaming future that’s platform-agnostic.

Source: Xbox Wire