I Am Dead is an afterlife adventure out now on Xbox

I Am Dead, the afterlife puzzle adventure from publisher Annapurna Interactive, is out now for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. The game follows a recently deceased museum curator who now spends his afterlife investigating the mysteries of his island hometown. Together with the ghost of his dog Sparky, they work to avert the island’s imminent destruction.

Developer Hollow Ponds is behind the game, and it was released on Switch and on PC via Steam and the Epic Game Store last October. Despite the apocalyptic premise and the ghastly circumstances of the protagonist, I Am Dead has a thoroughly endearing style and plays out like an expansive hidden object game with unique twists and mechanics.

The curator, Morris Lupton, uses his ghostly sight to examine the world around him. As Morris, you visit all manner of island locales and delve into the inner lives of their inhabitants. It’s a supernatural trip down memory lane for Morris who visits the places he spent time in and dive into the memories of the people who knew him and Sparky best.

I Am Dead

You’ll navigate all manner of picturesque and painterly backdrops with Morris, discover many stories about the history and folklore of the island including the myth and legend of Aggi, the one who originally silenced the volcano that threatens to destroy the island.

Development of I Am Dead was led by Ricky Haggett and Richard Hogg, the fellows behind the delightful Wilmot’s Warehouse (also on Xbox). “It’s not really a spooky or sinister game. It really is a game about people’s lives,” Haggett told the Hollywood Reporter back in October.

“I remember being really into the idea of it being a game about a dead person, but not about them dying — one benchmark idea was that you wouldn’t know how they died,” added Hogg, “instead the game is about how they lived. We liked the idea of using death as a way of illuminating life.”