How to pre-load Mass Effect Legendary Edition on Game Pass

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition is coming to Game Pass, which means anyone who has never gotten the chance to try out Bioware’s iconic science fiction series is in luck.

I personally recommend it if you’re still on the fence about the trilogy. For a good time, just play the game on the easiest setting: it is very much worth playing and now on current gen consoles with remastered graphics to boot! Mass Effect Legendary Edition will unlock on the 6th of January on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate via EA Play.

While there’s no official way to pre-install the game ahead of its arrival on Game Pass, you can pre-load Mass Effect Legendary Edition even if you haven’t purchased it with the caveat being you can only pre-install the content from the first game (21GB) and the other two will have to be downloaded from within the Legendary Edition itself.

To do so, here’s a couple of quick steps to set it up on your end:

  1. Go to the Official Xbox App on Android or iOS (Not the Game Pass App)
  2. Tap the Search Icon on at the bottom of the app
  3. Tap on Games and search for Mass Effect Legendary Edition
  4. Once you’re on the game page, Tap “Download to Console”

After that, the game should start downloading on your Xbox system. Do take note that if this is the first time you’re doing this, you may need to pair your console with it first as well as making sure you have at least 120gb of free space once the 6th of January rolls out.

If you do hit a few more hiccups like saying that “You don’t own it”, try to go back to the Microsoft Store and hit “Download” once more so your Xbox can refresh and know you’re getting it via Game Pass / EA Play.