Hitman 3 updates Elusive Target Arcade in latest roadmap

IO Interactive just released their Hitman 3 roadmap for March 2022 which details a number of updates to the game’s Elusive Target Arcade mode.

First off, the Elusive Target Arcade in Hitman 3 will get a new batch of Arcade Contracts, one for each game in the Trilogy: The Nebulae, The Genera and The Vitae. Completing any one of these contracts will unlock the Sieger AR552 Tactical, an assault rifle closely resembling the H&K G36C. Arcade Contracts will also be getting some much needed updates as well.

The most significant changes include:

  • Arcade Contract will now get its own Mission Briefing.
  • One complication will be persistent throughout each Arcade Contract
  • The Deceits is getting a couple of complications taken out, namely “Hide All Bodies” and “Camera Countdown‘ leaving “One Pacification” the only remaining complication.
  • The Codices are also getting some complications removed, these are “One Disguise Change” and “Headshots Only”. This leaves “No Civilian Casualties” the only remaining complication.
  • The Ellipses are getting the same treatment, “No Ballistics” and “Camera Countdown” complications have been taken out with “Hide All Bodies” being the only one left in.

These changes as well as the new Contracts arrived in the game March 3rd.

On March 11, the Collector returns as an Elusive Target, and you’ll have 10 days to eliminate him. All HITMAN 3 owners will be able to take on the contract, whether or not you’ve played the contract before. A successful completion will count towards unlocking Elusive Target suits via Challenges.

On March 17, the maps for Sapienza and Hokkaido used in the Patient Zero campaign are being looked at to be added to the Contracts Mode for use. Only Hitman 1 GOTY Access Pass DLC users can create or play contacts in these missions. Additionally, you can expect a batch of Featured Contracts made for the Patient Zero missions and together they form a “mini-campaign” of sorts.

On March 24, an additional batch of Arcade Contracts for the Elusive Target Arcade will be added. Once again, this batch will include Elusive Targets from each game in the Trilogy and once you’ve completed it, you’ll receive the HWK21 Covert that’s closely based off of the Walther PPQ.

Hitman Elusive Target

In case you missed it, Hitman 3 was made available to Xbox and PC Game Pass in January. If you’re looking for more information regarding what IO Interactive’s plans are for their Year 2, you can check it out here.