Hitman 3 second year starts with Game Pass, new modes

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IO Interactive has had a very productive and successful 2021 and now they’ve set their eyes on the horizon of Hitman 3’s second year, beginning with the entire trilogy coming to Game Pass. That includes 2016’s Hitman, it’s 2018 sequel Hitman 2 and last year’s Hitman 3.

During a recent stream, IO Interactive gave extensive details for its 2022 plans for Hitman 3. They described the previously announced Elusive Target Arcade, announced a new rogue-like mode called Freelancer, teased a new map and discussed some technological improvements that will apply to PC versions of the game.

Elusive Target Arcade is a new game mode where they take the old Elusive Targets concept and build on it with exciting new rewards and challenges. Contracts task Agent 47 to take down consecutive Elusive Targets, one contract after the other and each one must be completed to proceed to the next. New complications and problems have been introduced with each contact so you’re expected to be able to adapt to these changes. But once you fail, not only do you have to start over, you’ll be locked out of trying again for 12 hours.

This new high stakes game mode will be a permanent addition to Hitman 3, which will provide recurring content both for new and old players along with desirable unlocks. Three contracts for the Elusive Target Arcade will be available today with each one featuring a set of targets from Hitman 1, 2 and 3.

Freelancer is a single-player mode that uses roguelike elements. You’ll have access to Agent 47’s Safehouse, a fully customizable space you can decorate and unlock more areas for customization as you progress throughout the Freelancer game mode.

In Freelancer, you pick and choose which criminal enterprise you’d like to engage from the mission hub. These campaign missions have been reworked to fit Freelancer mode and include surprises that may help or hinder you. The roguelike element comes from the equipment you procure, anything you bring out and don’t bring back to the safehouse is lost.

Hitman Game Pass

The new Freelancer mode gives players a persistent and replayable experience that will feel like their own as they customize their safehouse to match their mood and sense of style. This mode is scheduled to launch in Spring of 2022.

Finally, a new map can be expected later in 2022. Code named “Rocky,” it looks like it’ll feature a night time operation in a tropical jungle. More details will be revealed later within the year.

Hitman 3 launched on January 20, 2021 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and is available for purchase at the Microsoft Store. Starting January 20, 2022 all Hitman games are available on Game Pass too.