Hideo Kojima’s next game ‘close’ to being signed to Xbox

Hideo Kojima's next game

Hideo Kojima’s next game is pretty much as close as it can get to being signed. That’s according to VentureBeat reporter Jeff Grubb, who spoke about the matter on the latest episode of the GamesBeat Decides podcast. During a section of the episode devoted to Kojima-adjacent conspiracy theories Grubb responded to co-host Mike Minotti talking about how one of Xbox’s new hires is working with Kojima.

“Kim Swift, who’s worked on Portal and Left 4 Dead, and she’s been at [Google] Stadia working as, like, their chief creative person, she’s coming in specifically to work with Kojima on his game. [Xbox] didn’t say Kojima, it said in the story it’s about working with independent developers, [but] it’s Kojima.” The suggestion is that Swift’s long experience in developing games for cloud will play a role in Kojima’s work.

This isn’t the first time that Grubb has brought it up in his reporting. Last week, Grubb reported that Kojima Productions is “still in the early design phases for this project,” and the hiring of Kim Swift is “part of a bigger strategy to expand the reach of Xbox beyond physical hardware under a TV or monitor.” The conversation on-air with Minotti marks the first time Grubb has talked about it as a business deal.

In April, Grubb also contradicted the fast brewing conspiracy theories about the game Abandoned and its mysterious developer Blue Box Studios that suggested it was a secret Kojima project. Grubb asserted that “the biggest piece of evidence I have that Abandoned is not a Kojima joint is that Kojima is in talks with Microsoft about publishing his next game.”

“It’s close [to being signed]. It’s at a point where, I think, it’s not going to not get signed,” said Grubb of Hideo Kojima’s next game. “Like, they are just figuring out details basically. And I’ll have more to say about that soon.”

Source: GamesBeat Decides, VentureBeat