Brain Structure is a Spotify exclusive podcast by Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima acquisition

In a pre-recorded segment for Gamescom opening night, Hideo Kojima has announced that he will be doing a Spotify exclusive podcast about his experiences within the gaming industry.

In between the big reveals and new game promos, Opening Night Live host Geoff Keighley still had the time to introduce his old pal Hideo Kojima and show off what he has in store for us, a podcast in both English and Japanese that allows him to share his thoughts on the game industry, including a special segment for Keighley.

“While I am working on my other games,” said Kojima. “Today I am here to share some other news. I am pleased to announce that my podcast program will be available exclusively on Spotify in September.” Kojima then proceeds to clap and cheer at the announcement he just made.

“We will be providing both English and Japanese versions of the show with simultaneous interpretation, as this is a podcast not only for fans in Japan but all over the world,” Kojima continued. “Geoff’s entertainment industry news section will also become a regular feature.”

The first episode is scheduled for September 8 and the program will include special guests from varying fields. Keighley is usually a busy guy with the number of shows he produces including not just Opening Night Live, but the annual Game Awards, and now a segment in his friend’s podcast. 

The show is called “Hideo Kojima presents Brain Structure.” The Spotify page is already live with a minute long prologue introducing the podcast. Kojima’s games tend to catch me dumbfounded, but it seems like this podcast might do so as well. 

The promotional material says that the podcast “unravels the genius behind Kojima’s ideas and creative thinking”. And that “fans can tune in for talk show–style discussions on a wide range of his favorite topics, including games, movies, books, art, philosophy, and the social landscape.”

“I wanted to share my thoughts with a global audience and felt that Spotify would be the best home to reach all my fans and friends around the world,” said Kojima. “It’s an ambitious approach to release every episode in both Japanese and English at the same time, but I look forward to having a good time getting and sharing creative inspiration with listeners from all over the world.” 

Hideo Kojima podcast

As one of the most prominent figures in gaming, Hideo Kojima offering listeners a deep dive into his thoughts and inspirations should could be interesting. In other news, Kojima also just celebrated his 59th birthday on the 24th of August. Happy birthday, Hideo Kojima!