Haven Springs is the center of Life is Strange: True Colors

Haven Springs

Life Is Strange: True Colors, a new chapter in the Strangeverse is set to arrive this September. A new trailer has been released today by Deck Nine, which gives players a glimpse of some of the things they can do at Haven Springs, the quaint hipster-y town in Colorado.

While Haven Springs serves as the backdrop for the main story of protagonist Alex Chen as she investigates a mysterious death, it will also play host to a number of other storylines as well as side activities.

The video is narrated by Steph Gingrich, the geeky tabletop gamer from Life Is Strange: Before the Storm. Several years older, Steph appears to be one of Alex’s closest allies in True Colors. Steph promises there’s sure to be something to catch your eye on Haven Springs’ Main Street.

She gives particular focus to the Black Lantern bar where there’re arcade games to set high scores on, a foosball table to play and lots of locals to chat with. “Everyone makes themselves at home at the Black Lantern,” she says. “With a lively menu of classics and a bar full of talkative locals, it’s here you’ll discover more than friends. You’ll find family.”

Steph also talks up the Haven Spring Festival as well as teasing her Live Action Roleplaying Fantasy Spectacular. The Festival will be where players as Alex can thrill to some live music and campfire atmosphere, and even suggests making the evening an opportunity for some romance. Steph insists that Haven Springs might be “Colorado’s best-kept secret.”

“Whether it’s for a day, a week or a lifetime, find your true colors in Haven Springs,” she says.

Life is Strange: True Colors ill be the fourth game in the series after 2017’s Before the Storm, also by Deck Nine and 2018’s Life is Strange 2 by original creators Dontnod Entertainment. Now that Dontnod Entertainment is off to seek its fortune in self-publishing as well as developing more narrative games for mobile markets, publisher Square Enix has made Deck Nine the new stewards of the franchise.

Life Is Strange: True Colors will follow Alex Chen, newly relocated to Haven Springs, where she discovers a supernatural ability to read the emotions of others and uses it to uncover the town’s mysteries. Unlike previous installments, True Colors will launch as a single release rather than being distributed as an episodic season. It will arrive on several platforms including Xbox and Windows 10 PCs on September 10.