Halo: Master Chief Collection gets 20th anniversary items

Halo’s 20th anniversary is upon us as is that of the Xbox and Microsoft is celebrating with a raft of in-game cosmetics in Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

These commemorative releases are coming to The Exchange, the MCC’s in-game store over the next few weeks. The new items include nods towards the launch of the original Halo: Combat Evolved, the old school chonk of the OG Xbox, and a number of deep cuts to Halo universe lore.

The Orion Armor set, first seen in early reveals of Halo: Combat Evolved, just arrived as a complete armor set that players can don in Halo 2: Anniversary’s multiplayer modes.

Meanwhile November 10 sees some nostalgic Xbox cosmetics. The massive OG Xbox controller, known affectionately as “The Duke“, debuts on the 10th as shoulder armor pads in Halo 3 multiplayer, and having handled one of these old monsters, I can totally imagine it being hefty enough to use as armor. Accompanying “The Duke” is “The Beast”, a back accessory that lets you strap on the original Xbox console to your Spartan’s armor for some retro nostalgia.

Halo anniversary items
Image source: Omogonix via YouTube

Halo 3 weapons are also getting the Xbox nostalgia treatment, with black and lime green OGX skins for a variety of UNSC weapons.

  • MA5C Assault Rifle (Nov 17)
  • Battle Rifle (Dec 1)
  • Sniper Rifle (Dec 15)
  • Magnum Pistol (Dec 22)
  • Shotgun (Dec 29)
  • SPNKR Missile Launcher (Dec 29)

There are also a number of new cosmetic items coming out over the next few months that are deep cuts to Halo lore, such as the Mirage armor set (Nov 24) for Halo 3, which is a reference to the SPI (Semi-Powered Infiltration) armor of the Spartan-IIIs, Fronk’s Formed Fish branded merchandise such as a hydration pack (Halo: Reach utility cosmetic, Dec 8) and “Fronkbox” rucksack (Halo 3, Dec 15), a UNSC rucksack (Halo 3, Dec 01), and a Grunt plushie (Halo 3, Dec 22) for those players looking to strap on something cuddly to their Mjolnir armor.

Halo anniversary items

All of the Halo anniversary items should launch within the Master Chief Collection’s Exchange and can be unlocked with Season Points earned from playing the bundled games in the collection, and you can check out the full roadmap over at the Halo Waypoint blog post.

These are all nice nods towards the franchise and the OG Xbox, and some neat freebies to throw in as Microsoft and 343 continue building the hype for Halo: Infinite‘s launch on December 8.