Halo Infinite next patch ups the Slayer game

Halo Infinite is getting some new multiplayer modes next Patch Tuesday (December 14) and it will include a highly requested Slayer playlist, Fiesta, FFA, and Tactical Slayer (aka SWAT mode).

The new game modes are also going to be accompanied by further tweaks to the challenge system, to remove or reduce some of the frustrating elements as well as add new challenges around the new game modes.

Halo Community Director Brian Jarrad outlined the additions to Halo Infinite multiplayer over at Reddit, noting that the Slayer playlist included new variants that weren’t quite ready for prime time when Infinite’s multiplayer made a sneak attack launch. Players had complained about a lack of a Slayer-only playlist right then, but savvy dataminers had already spotted some of the new modes, and there was even a way to try some of the new modes early by playing Halo Infinite in offline mode.

Halo Infinite Slayer

In addition to the launch of individual Slayer, Fiesta, FFA, and Tactical Slayer playlists, the patch promises further changes to the challenge system for Infinite’s multiplayer. A few mode-specific challenges will be removed (Stockpile please?) or reduced in difficulty. The weekly ultimate challenges should also be less intensive, addressing the major time commitment currently necessary to blast through weekly challenges.

New challenges should be added to match the new game modes and playlists, and a totally new challenge type centered around player score may be a harbinger of more “performance based XP”. It might be interesting to see non-kill actions contribute more to your challenges and battle pass XP down the line.

Jarrad’s post also noted that the team is investigating a intermittent connectivity issues regarding Big Team Battles that has been frustrating more than a few players recently. Given how the BTB queue is one of the better ways to blast through your challenges, any connectivity hiccups there are felt keenly.

Expect a Halo Waypoint post this week to make a formal announcement about the new game modes and challenges as Halo Infinite wraps up a mostly successful launch week for its single player campaign.